Founded by award-winning filmmaker Ryan Ritchey in 2007, R Cubed Networks brings together an incredible team to bring your project to life. 


Agile. Flexible. Cost-effective. These have always been the tenets of video production at  R Cubed Networks. Now more than ever, companies are looking to use video in new ways, but to do it in a cost-effective manner. We deliver quality video at a surprising price, by eliminating the overhead found at most production companies. You will be working directly with the producer who will be on your shoot. No account managers, studio managers, or coordinators get in the way, saving time and money.



Ryan Ritchey

Ryan's passion for video production began in 7th grade when he asked his English teacher if he could create a video instead of writing a paper. After college he wrote and directed a feature-length film, then went on to create three web series.

Later he created a 24-hour streaming video channel for technology news, and the documentary "After The Fair." Today he uses this combination of storytelling and technological knowledge to help corporate clients, while continuing to create his projects.



Associates & Staff

Stacy Lutner
Senior Designer



Greg Gant
Director of Photography




Brooke Hendricks
Motion Graphics




Lee Vetter



Open Positions


Want to learn more about video production in a fast-paced environment? When you intern with us, you won't be making coffee runs, and that's not just because we don't drink coffee.


We believe a quality internship is key to learning the skills needed to excel in an industry. Our internships are based on mutual respect, and educational value.



  • Must be attending a college/university with a major in Communications, broadcasting, visual arts, or related field.

  • Must be able to earn credit for participating in the internship.

  • Must have reliable transportation: You will often need to drive directly to shoot locations. These locations are frequently not near mass transit.


Even if you're not a fit for our current openings, please feel free to contact us with your info. We love to check out innovative new talent.
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